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SIMON Friedberg comes from a highly successful creative background where he has written and produced award winning content for many major brands. His directing success includes the 'We are David Bailey' campaign which won gold at Cannes along with 'ROOband' which won at the 2015 Webby Awards.

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MACKENZIE Sheppard is a film director based in Tokyo, Japan. His experience spans commercials, documentaries and music videos--his most recent work includes projects shot in Cambodia, Ethiopia, and a NIKE commercial shot in Tokyo. He has worked with major ad agencies such as Saatchi and Wieden + Kennedy.
RICCARDO Sai is a driven, passionate and charismatic award-winning director who set out to approach his work with a very characteristic sense for aesthetics and style. Whether he’s working on advertisements, corporates, music videos or dramas, Riccardo brings the content to life with his versatile and innovative approach to filmmaking.

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JASON is known for his unique eye and ability to tell a story with strong visuals, his previous clients include Tate modern, 4Creative and Discovery channel.