THE HEARTS OVER HEADS TACTIC

We all love a bargin’. That glorious sight of a tattered label adoring a slap-dashed red cross on top of an intimidating digit – oh the joy!

It’s kinda’ due to the major retailers constantly promoting a ‘quantity over quality’ ethos that this highstreet-bargain-boom era has already officially made its mark in history. In most of the big daddy shops and supermarkets, even if we weren’t looking for a sale sign or reduced sticker, we’d still somehow end up paying less that we should have. #notcomplaining

However, it seems these ‘LOOK HOW CHEAP WE ARE!’ shout outs from big brands are slowly becoming a dying dialogue, with stats showing people being swayed from an emotive message rather than a logical one. Organizations are quickly clocking onto the fact that more emotion = more CA-CHING! CA-CHING!

John Lewis was the first to pull at our heart strings last Christmas, illustrating a great example of a tear jerking money maker – managing to get the Great British public reacting strongly to a love story between two snowmen – rather disconcerting when you think about it.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 Video. The Journey from Average Joe on Vimeo.

Lewy’s wasn’t the only heart warmer to hit our screens recently – Xperia’s new android ad incorporates a wonderful, joyful array of fun loving, free spirited moments! Yet fails to mention of any specs whatsoever.

Anchor’s amicable ‘buttervert’ (butter advert) also ceases to have any relevance as to what their popular condiment actually consists of, is priced at or even tastes like!
‘Bollocks to it butter tastes like butter lets make an ad about a kitchen!’. Which, if we’re honest, works rather well. #fairplaytothem

Anchor – The Life Of Our Kitchen from Blink on Vimeo.

At the end of the day, we are all creatures of nature. Educate us on what a product does, costs, looks like and you’ve got our curiosity. Put it up against one that makes us really FEEL something, and you’ve got our attention. (Yeah that’s right, we just modified a Django Unchained quote to round off our jibber jabber, and what?)