GOOGLE BANS PORNOGLASS

Google Glass Commerical from Gary Makinson on Vimeo.

In the run up to the greatly anticipated release of Google Glass, there’s been a right guffufle over a recently launched porn app – developed specifically to work in conjunction with Glass. The elegantly entitled ‘Tits & Glass’ application allows customers to shamelessly share and record themselves ‘getting down to business’ from their own point of view.

And according to MiKand, (the proud owning company of the app), POV porn is to be the next big thing:

‘Obviously, Glass is perfect for shooting POV video, so we’re experimenting with that first. But what’s really interesting about Glass is that it’s not just a hands free camera, it can receive and send data, so there are a lot of interesting interactions that we want to explore’

Upsettingly for them, however, it seemed their eagerness to please was not so gratefully received by Google, who immediately set a ban in place after only 2 hours of the app going live. #reeeeeeejected.

Even though the app was already turning a few heads (gaining some 10,000 website visits on it’s debut day), it’s safe to say Googs simply wasn’t in the mood:

“We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.”

But T&G aren’t giving up at the first knock back, they’ve vowed to consumers to adapt the app to comply with Google’s new restrictions.

‘There are tasteful and artful things we can do. We still really want to play around with the idea of having Glass users share the content, but we need to figure out ways for users to share photos, whether they are just sexy or clothed’.

It seems what they are essentially proposing is a porn app without the porn – and we’re no experts, but we’re pretty sure that’s the worst kind of porn.