CHINA DEVELOPS INVISIBLITY CLOAK!

So yeah, China has invented an invisibility cloak. No biggie. We would try to sound a little more shocked but com’on now, it’s China we’re talking about here – the country with such an unreasonable abundance of intelligence, it makes the rest of the world look like its been inhabited by an under developed species of homosapiens.

Having finally stopped fannying about with creating oxygen cars and finding cures for world diseases, China actually managed to stop and focus on producing something of real importance to humanity. Some real life Harry Potter shit.

The cloak has already used its magical transparency on a tank full of gold fish and one cat, (separately of course, or the disappearance of the fish wouldn’t have been exactly mind boggling), by using different layers of glass made from metamaterials. Light is reflected in different directions through a type of ordinary glass that bends and disperses light, allowing the background to remain the same whilst the object in front is removed from human sight.

Although clearly, the future of the invisibility cloak is hugely exciting, there will most certainly need to be some serious precautions put in place before any old Joe could get their hands on one. Or alas, a world full of concealed criminals and poltergeist perverts here we come!