INSTAGRAM DO VIDEO

FINALLY the arty farty, foodie loved app Instagram is delving it’s beautifully framed & filtered mitts into the world of moving image. Just when we thought pictures of random people’s breakfast/lunch and dinner couldn’t get anymore fascinating!

In all seriousness, Instagram gains roughly 58 photograph uploads per second and being recently bought by Facebook (FOR AROUND 1 BILLION US DOLLARS!!!), it’s pretty safe to say the app knows what it’s doing.

Originally it was their social media buddy Twitter who introduced people to an almost identical concept earlier in January this year, ‘Vine’, a short 5 second video feature with sound. Gaining 3.6 million users by May, video is undoubtedly in demand from our aesthetically considered, cyber obsessed society.

So whilst Vine might have been sitting there all chuffed with themselves for a couple of months, it seems that prowess is to be short lived, as Instagram has decided to do exactly the same thing – only better.

And we’d hate to compare differences, but to name a few:

Vine: 6 second video

Instagram: 15 seconds

Vine: Unable to edit

Instagram: Able to edit/delete segments

Vine: No video stabilizer

Instagram: Video stabilizer

Vine: No filters

Instagram: 13 different faux-vintage filters

You get the picture.

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.