4K DISKS = END TO FORMAT TIFFS

For those of you (old enough) to remember, there was once an obstinate spat between Sony’s Betamax and Toshiba’s VHS formats.

‘Who could forget!’. We hear you say. ‘It was only the HIGHLIGHT of the late 70s/80s!’.

Now now, there’s no need for sarcasm.

But to be fair to you it was a rather unmerited hard time for all, being forced to choose alliances with no true knowledge of the differences between them. Betamax, VHS. Blu-ray, HD-DVD. Potato. Pota-r-to.

It seemed a futile fuss but the reality is, if you ever tried playing a Blu-ray DVD on a Toshiba DVD player… Nothing used to happen. #dadthedvdplayersnotworkingagain!

But we bring you good modern day news! As for the most part, format freaks, it seems, have learnt their lesson – Sony and Panasonic are rumoured to be co-developing the next-gen disk format. Together. In unison. Hurrah!

The foreseen miracle of humanity that was, (we can only assume), the precognitive inspiration for the globally renowned Spice Girls hit ‘When Two Become One’.

We digress.

The format will be key to the future of 4k video distribution – which currently has sky-high prices and/or compatibility problems in regards to integrating itself with supporting television sets.

But hey, who’s rushing – the 300GB minimum disks are said to be on release by, wait for it… 2015! By which time it is almost certain the 12K will have already been developed and launched in South Korea.

That was a joke. And it’s funny because it’s probably going to be true.