THE GOOGLE CAR!

This was the recent discussion between Google’s development labs and the world’s top major car companies in regards to developing the first ever Google car.

Google: ‘We want to do it like this, what do you honestly think in your professional opinion?’

Major car companies: ‘Yeah you definitely cannot do it like that’

Google: ‘… Meh, what do you know’

It go figures, Google took that as a challenge and has decided to do it anyway – coz the most popular cyber butler on the internet (sorry Jeeves) don’t take no for an answer.

And in typical Googs fashion this isn’t going to be just any old car. Oh no. This is going to be a self-drive car, a car without a driver, a driverless car. Sorry just to reiterate there, A CAR THAT DRIVES ITS-METAL-BRAINED- SELF. Yes they’ll be disgustingly expensive, but then again think of the money you’ll save on taxis!

The idea is that (eventually) major car companies will embrace self driving vehicles, and everyone will live happily ever after, safe in the knowledge that their first world problems of driving test failures, parking tickets and the general everyday hassle of ‘having to do shit’ will all be partially eradicated from modern day life.

It’s totally unnecessary and presumably highly hazardous – but still, a car that drives itself – pretty cool, innit.