GET THE WORLD VIEW AND BECOME AN ASTRONAUT

To infinity AND BEYOND! Well, kinda. If you minus the ‘BEYOND’ bit and change the ‘infinity’ to ’100,000 feet above ground level’.

This is the all new ‘World View’ gondola; a space craft suspended in the abyss via a gigantic balloon, recently developed by a company from Arizona. It is the answer to your suppressed inner child’s desperate muffled cries to experience the mass of dark vacuum that is of course, space. The chance to fulfil the life long dream of becoming… AN ASTRONAUT!

(If you have a casual 75k to spare that is).

That’s right, whilst World View is claiming to be a whopping $175,000 cheaper than Virgin Galactic’s Space Ticket, realistically, this still only makes it affordable to the filthy rich as opposed to the filthy, filthy, dirty, stinkin’, rich.

And there’s a downside to the money saving option too, by only travelling 100,000 feet above ground as opposed to 250,000 feet, it means there’s no weightlessness experience included in the price tag. #rubbish

But on the plus side, you get to stay up there for a few hours as opposed to Virgins’ very stingy few minutes, meaning night time flights will make way for some very memorable sunrises. Along with getting to say you’re an actual bonafied spaceman, kinda.

World View is set to launch (get it?) as early as 2016, so if you’re a galactic fanatic – you better start getting rich, and quick!