JAMES BOND JETPACKS BEING DEVELOPED!

Well it has been a while since Minority Report first hit our screens in 1999 but we didn’t think it would be this soon before we were Keanu Reevesing around the streets of London on some similar form of sci-fi transportation.

Below is performance pilot Nick Macomber, just, you know, giving a casual fly by presentation of Colorado’s newly developed ‘Go Fast’ jetpack at the Smithsonian Magazine’s ‘Future is Here’ Festival.


Unbeknown to us, a range of different jetpack prototypes have been developing in science labs for a while now. So what’s so special about this one? Well as far as we can work out, it’s a) lighter – more aerodynamic B) it doesn’t excrete water – which all the others do for some technical reason we won’t go into/we haven’t researched enough into and c) it’s gats no wings! – Can’t help feeling C is a tad unnecessary by hey, who cares, it’s a shitting jetpack! Beats public transport for sure and $150,000 is not that bad in comparison to how much London fares keep rising up!

The James Bond inspired gadget can remain airborne for 33 seconds and works by violently pushing hydrogen peroxide through a motor, creating high temperature steam which ultimately allows the jetpack to fly. A big Heston Blumenthal inspired kettle motor if you will.

And with Toyota rumoured to be in conversations about developing a ‘hover car’ it seems it wont be long before we’re all whooshing about the place. Sounds like fun ey? #holdontoyourhats!