THE WORLD'S GONE BABA!

So what the hell is this whole Aliblahblah thing anyway? We hear you say.

Well, in laymen terms, Alibaba is the world’s biggest online company. Just like eBay, it hosts millions of merchants and businesses making it a place where you can pretty much buy anything. And it was set up by this man

Mr Jack Ma. Originally, Mar created Alibaba to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers. 15 years later it now also includes

Alipay — Online payments

Aliyun — Cloud services

Aliyun App Store — Mobile apps

Taobao — Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce

Tmall — Business-to-consumer e-commerce -

And has hundreds of millions of users. It is also worth more that Ebay, Amazon and (shockingly) Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

Being such a humongous portal of trade, it’s not surprising that there is a multitude of, shall we say, not your everyday purchases you can also make.

We’ll give you a few examples…

1) A plane – yes, that’s correct. An actual plane.

2) A fat freezing machine – we’re still not 100% sure if this is a practical joke or an actual thing.

3) A pregnant horse – a 241 deal, some might say. HAHAHAHA… HAha… Ha.

4) ‘Walking on water shoes’ – these would be a lot more impressive if they a) looked absolutely nothing like they look and b) worked.

5) Little Buddha shaped pears – can’t buy those on Ebay. Believe us. We searched.

The list of humorous, odd and down right pointless objects you can buy on there is endless. But at the same time, it’s potential to take over the world is tremendous. The company could literally be worth up to $150 billion U.S. dollars and earned $8.5 billion last year alone. It won’t be long until the whole world’s gone completely baba!