THE HOVERBOARD! (that doesn't actually hover, at all).

                                        THE HOVERBOARD! (that doesn't actually hover, at all).

Just a fad? Or possibly a glimpse into the future? Either way it’s safe to say the eco friendly hoverboard has taken the market by sheer storm. And at a price of only £200-£400, it’s not just the super rich and celebrities who can fanny about on them.

When we first heard word of Segway creating these Back to the Future inspired contraptions, we imagined what life was to become. Hoverboard parks, hoverboard pavement lanes, hoverboard marathons, hoverboard street partie…. Oh no wait. What was that? The police have banned hoverboards in public? Never mind then.

But seriously now, what about all those poor people who have invested their hard earned money, (on what is essentially an automatic scooter without handles), who now not only have to master the talent of not looking like an absolute tit on them, but also have to arrange home visits for friends to show off their new toy.

Riding hoverboards on the pavement is banned under Section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 in England and Wales. A law 200 ruddy years old. Former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit was one of the first to protest the law stating ‘“These things aren’t going to kill people. All of them should be allowed on the pavement, because people aren’t stupid, they will get out of the way if they see one coming.” – we’d all hope, anyway. So we suppose the only real danger would be to the blind or like wise old Mr Lembit said, stupid people.

Probably better if they just sacked off the out of date law and let police get back to doing what taxpayers actually pay them to do. In the mean time, we think this guy’s got the right idea…

Lad On Swegway Escapes Police

"Nothing to see here officer."Via Airwheel

Posted by The LAD Bible on Friday, 16 October 2015