THE POTENTIAL OF INTERACTIVE ONLINE VIDEO

Since the introduction of the household Internet in the early 90s, the virtual world has become virtually, completely interactive. You’ve barely even finished clicking on Chrome and you’re hit with a pop up ad or banner to click on. It’s safe to say interactive video, however, has been flagging behind like a proper little fatty on sports day.

Yes interactive video has mass potential. Not only for the ad space available within moving image – i.e. clothes, make up, interior homeware, cars, (the list could go on indefinitely), but also because the up and coming generation are so ruddy interactive savvy!

“An entire generation is coming up that has only known video on a very interactive device,” Callanan said. “These are the consumers of the future.”

But why has it taken so long for interactive video to cotton on? Especially when content has probably been given the most opportunities for demand during the ongoing expansion of said Internet? Where viewers have the potential to become consumers almost instantly, why wait so long to milk this bad boy for all it’s worth?

One reason is that people simply haven’t known where to start – or maybe more accurately, nobody wants to be the first to start. Don’t get us wrong there are some great interactive videos, take the webby awards for example: BEST USE OF INTERACTIVE VIDEO But few have managed to integrate this into everyday online content or TV.

Another reason, of course, is that when people are watching something, they don’t want to be disturbed. If talking over the TV isn’t annoying enough, imagine sitting down to watch your fave TV show only for one of your family members (or more) constantly pausing the screen to tap on someone’s face to find out what lipstick they’re wearing!? #firstworldfamilyproblems

This being said, with the introduction of new and exciting technologies such as augmented reality, the future for online video is still undeniably laden with opportunities. Where will it end up? We suppose we’ll just have to wait and see…